Entry Guidelines

Influencer Magazine UK’s – IMA  2024 recognizes the individuals and startups that are driving trends and creating a impact on our society. Entries can be submitted by an individual, organization or its representative. You can apply in multiple categories with different initiatives by filing registration form multiple times but selecting different award from the category.


To begin, please register yourself and fill in the required details.

Nomination Fees: USD 169




1. Make sure to select the correct category to which you belong while filing the nomination form.

2. In the “Website/Social Media/Other Links/Information” section of the nomination form, we wholeheartedly welcome content from individuals across all fields, ensuring that no one feels left out. Whether you are an influencer with a vibrant social media presence, an author with links to your published works, a dedicated social worker with impactful Facebook posts, or any other professional with relevant achievements, this is the space to showcase what makes you outstanding!

If needed, feel free to compose your content on Google Docs and simply paste the link into the designated field. We want to ensure a seamless and accessible process for everyone, empowering you to present your best self and your unique journey. Our team will carefully review each submission, ensuring that everyone’s talents and accomplishments receive the attention they deserve. Take the time to add whatever best represents your achievements and resonates with your award category. Your nomination is an opportunity to shine brightly, and we can’t wait to celebrate your excellence!