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The competition at IMA 2024 is open to a wide spectrum of talented individuals, including Influencers, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Social Workers, Founders, Investors, Startups, and even those who may not fit into a specific category but have made a significant impact through their work can apply through the special "Rise" award category. No matter your field of expertise, as long as your work aligns with a specific category, you are eligible to nominate yourself or others for recognition. So, seize the opportunity to showcase your remarkable achievements and let your contributions shine at IMA 2024!

At our event, we have introduced a nominal fee for participation, driven by several important reasons that enhance the overall experience for everyone involved. Firstly, this fee helps us significantly reduce spam and ensure that only genuinely interested and eligible individuals enter the competition. By implementing this measure, we can maintain the integrity and authenticity of the nominations, creating a level playing field for all participants.

Secondly, the nominal fee contributes to the smooth conduction of the event, allowing us to allocate resources efficiently and provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for nominees. It helps cover very aspect of the award meticulously organized and executed to perfection.

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